For bleeding-edge functionality, you can download the development version as well as experimental branches from the wiki : FlowVR wiki

Written for Linux and Mac. The project uses CMake for cross-platform compilation.


FlowVR Suite 2.1.1 FlowVR-Suite-2.1.1-Source.tar.gz Stable

  • MPI support for daemon communication
  • Improved stability, especially during application launch
  • Module pinning on a particular CPU core (see example 'corepref')

A complete changelog can be found here.

Previous Releases

FlowVR Suite 2.0.2 FlowVR-Suite-2.0.2-Source.tar.gz Stable

  • Full transition to a new python library to write the application graph (simpler, faster, less verbose)
  • flowvr-glgraph : supports both deprecated libgraph (not included in recent graphviz packages) and libcgraph
  • flowvrd : can use several small memory segments instead of one monolithic segment

A complete changelog can be found here.

FlowVR Suite 1.8.0 FlowVR-Suite-1.8.0-src.tar.gz Stable

  • New rendering engine for FlowVR-Render (codename Balzac)
  • New shared memory management system (64bit support)
  • Improved doxygen documentation
  • flowvr-glgraph now supports hierarchical graphs visualization (.adl.out.xml)
  • and many more fixes and improvements.

A complete changelog can be found here.

FlowVR Suite 1.7.2 FlowVR-Suite-1.7.2.tar.gz Stable
VTK FlowVR Data Set fluid3d1.fvr.gz Stable

- A reorganization on flowvr-render has been done : installation, examples...

- The documentation has been improved and cleaned.

- "Events-ports" or "non blocking ports" have been added in flowvr : they ease handle of "events" such as gui messages, or peripherals' events.

- Csv files are better handled

- Most of active tickets and bugs have been resolved

- Our glgraph utility has been ported to QT4 version

- A contrib directory is now provided for developers who want to contribute to flowvr. It contains many useful extensions, scripts and examples.

- A nightly-test platform has been set up, performing compilation tests and publishing results on a cdash accessible here : Every night, the platform check out lastest version from the svn and try to build it on 4 different architectures : ubuntu (8.04 & 8.10, debian testing and MacOS leopard.

- Svn branches management and policies have been improved, you can access a short presentation of the new rules on our wiki : It makes contributions management easier.

FlowVR Suite 1.6 FlowVR-Suite-1.6-src.tar.gz Stable
VTK FlowVR Data Set fluid3d1.fvr.gz Stable

FlowVR-Suite 1.6 changes:

  • FlowVR application description definitively adopts the hierarchical component model (flowvr-app). the Perl based description is still present but deprecated. It will be removed from the next release.
  • We provide several high level components encapsulating generic patterns (task parallelism, ccollective communications, greedy samplers, ...) to be resued in your application
  • An advanced parameter system enables to make more generic applications. You can now use these parameters to set some values in your application via the command line, or a file, to avoid re-compilation.
  • Flowvr and FlowVR Render comes with new examples.
  • FlowVR Render better supports CG 2.0 and the texture API has been extended.
  • Cmake dependency testing has been improved (require at least cmake 2.6).
  • QGLViewer source code is now fully integrated in FlowVR Suite. You do not need to install it manually any more.
  • Flowvr-kill utility to force killing a FlowVR application.
  • New versions of FlowVR and FlowVR Render.
  • A new component called FlowVR-VRPN developped at the Université d'Orléans. It enables to easily uses VRPN supported devices into FlowVR applications.
  • VTK-FlowVR is also part of this release, but it received minor attention so far. Still consider it as a proptotype.

  • 02/29/2008: FlowVR-Suite 1.5

    FlowVR Suite 1.5 FlowVR-Suite-1.5-src.tar.gz Stable
    VTK FlowVR Data Set fluid3d1.fvr.gz Stable

    FlowVR-Suite 1.5 changes:

    • Stable version of flowvr-app, the C++ description application language
    • All flowvr base objects (filters, synchronizors...) available in flowvr-app components library
    • Flowvr-app documented implementation of all FlowVR examples (tictac, primes, fluid)
    • Flowvr-app documented implementation of FlowVR-render example fire
    • First support of flowvr-render in flowvr-app. (single display limitation)
    • mpirun and flowvr-run-ssh launchers support in flowvr-app
    • Cmake installation enhancements
    • 3ds viewer is a new FlowVR-Render example
    • Several bug fixes
    More details: report to FlowVR-1.5 tickets summary

  • 08/01/2007: FlowVR Suite 1.4 : FlowVR-1.4-Source.tar.gz
    • An experimental C++ library for application description (flowvr-app). In a future version, it will replace the actual system based on perl and XML. The main innovation is the ability to describe a FlowVR application as a hierarchy of components. It significantly improves the modularity and portability of applications. Other innovations include better error control, better separation betweeen application description and application instantiation according to the target architecture, better integration of the different tools.
    • Minor improvements in FlowVR, in particular related to application execution in multi-cluster (grid) environment.
    • Experimental support of VRPN
  • 02/19/2007: FlowVR Suite 1.3.1 : FlowVR-Suite-1.3.1-Source.tar.gz
    • Cmake support for the full suite
    • FlowVR 1.3.1 (also available as a standalone package) : FlowVR-1.3.1-Source.tar.gz
      • Linux and Mac OS X suppport
      • Include a new graph visualizer (flowvr-glgraph) very usefull for debugging
      • Improved implementation of the chunk system
      • Several bug fixes
    • FlowVR Render 1.0.1
      • Linux support - Compile on Mac OS X (but not fully validated)
      • An OpenGL Wrapper that enables to run unmodified OpenGL applications and render them on a multi-projector environment without code modification.
      • New patches for latest mplayer release
      • Several bug fixes
    • VTK FlowVR 0.2.1
      • Linux support. Compile on Mac OS X (but not fully validated)
      • VTK 5 support

  • 03/02/2006: FlowVR 1.2.2
  • 03/02/2006: VTK FlowVR 0.1 and the sample dataset Fluid3D . Support VTK 4.4
  • 12/22/2005: FlowVR Render 1.0 . First release that requires FlowVR 1.2.1. Contains a high-resolution video player using MPlayer.
  • 12/21/2005: FlowVR 1.2.1: several important bug fixes, a few optimizations, new scripts flowvr-run-ssh and flowvr-term to simplify the use of ssh and X terminals to start FlowVR modules
  • 10/17/2005: FlowVR 1.2 : Numerous bug fixed, new programming extensions (ftl), support for multiple network interfaces, a new GUI (still beta) and an improved documentation
  • 03/17/2005: FlowVR 1.1.1 : adding new thread filter and synchronizor class, new API for filters and synchronizors and some minor corrections
  • 12/14/2004: FlowVR 1.1 : adding trace tool, new commands to the telnet controller and minor corrections
  • 06/25/2004: FlowVR 1.0.1 : minors corrections and filters/synchronizers adds
  • 03/31/2004: FlowVR 1.0 : First stable release.
  • 03/19/2004: FlowVR 1.0 RC1: Fully functionnal version. hopefully bug-free :).
  • 03/10/2004: FlowVR 1.0 beta 2: Fully functionnal version. Some known bugs (see release notes).
  • 12/12/2003: FlowVR 0.1: This version lacks network support.